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We change the business environment WE. KNOW.HOW.

We represent interests of the companies and institutions affiliated in the Federation. We are constantly seeking to increase the quality of functioning of polish companies – both in the country and abroad.

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Federacja Przedsiębiorców Polskich

What are we engaged in

We are consolidating the environment of entrepreneurs. We are acting actively for the sake of business. We are the leaders of complex legislative projects for entrepreneurs.

We represent the voices of business in front of the public authorities. We integrate entrepreneurs and create a working environment for business cooperation.

Strategic partners

Our reports

We offer support for the legislation process stakeholders through translating the assumptions of the changes in law to particular projects of the law records as well as assessing the outcomes of the regulations.


Centrum Analiz Legislacyjnych i Polityki Ekonomicznej (CALPE)

The only one center in Poland specializing in the complex economic and legal evaluation of the applied and planned regulations appointed by the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs. Our mission is to support the process of creating the legislative solutions according to facts and proofs.

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Our team

The team game always brings the greatest success.

We are proud that in our team we have a group of excellent specialists in their own fields. Get to know them!